Somebody Bring Me a Towel

Posted on 07 Feb 2019

Scripture: John 13:1-5

by Pastor Brian Clater


On the eve of His crucifixion, the Bible says that Jesus invited His disciples to fellowship at the Passover meal. At this meal, Jesus changed the meaning and significance of this meal. The Passover meal was celebrated as a memorial to what God had done to free the Jews from their captivity in Egypt (see Exodus 12:3; Exodus 12:12; Exodus 12:13). Jesus now, changes the symbolism of the Passover meal from an historical act of antiquity and places the symbolism within His contemporary context. The bread symbolized His body that was broken for us; the wine would symbolize His blood that He shed for us on Calvary (see Luke 22:19-20).

Main Point of the Message:

Remember to respond to the call that the Lord has for you. The Lord has an assignment for each one of His believers that requires your participation (See Mark 1:17).

Biblical Context:

The Bible says that when Jesus stopped eating the Passover meal, He rose from the table where He was reclining, took off His religious outer garments and reached for a towel and began to wash the disciples’ feet (John 13:2-5).

Key Questions:

What was the significance of this event?

Points of the Sermon:

1. We must learn from Jesus’ L _________ (See Philippians 2:4)

2. We must learn from Jesus’ L _________ (See John 13:3-4)

3. We must learn from Jesus’ L _________ (See John 13:5)


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