The Ministry of a Soul Winner

Posted on 01 Dec 2019

Scripture: John 1:35-42

by Pastor Brian Clater


All of us who are believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God are called to be soul-winners. Soul winners are believers who tell other people that Jesus Christ can save your soul. There are believers here this morning because somebody told you about Jesus. In our text, we see a man named Andrew, who met a man named Jesus and that encounter changed his life.

Main Point of the Message:

You can be a witness for the Lord, to share your faith, to share your testimony about what the Lord has done in your life.

Biblical Context:

In our text, John the Baptizer is preaching in the wilderness, near the ton of Bethany (John 1:28). As John was speaking, Jesus came to him. Andrew, one of John’s disciples, followed Jesus after hearing John’s witness of Him.The Bible says that Andrew told his brother, Simon, about the good news of finding the Savior, Jesus Christ!

Key Questions:

What can we learn from Andrew about how we should be a witness for the Lord?

Points of the Sermon:

1. You must a p_________ relationship with Jesus   (See John 1:37, 40)

2. You must have your p___________ in order. (See John 1:41)

3. You must have a p_____________  view of Jesus (See John 1:41)

4. You must have a p___________ for the lost (see John 1:42)

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