When You’ve Had Enough

Posted on 10 Feb 2018

Scripture: Mark 5:21-34

by Pastor Brian Clater


In our text, we observe a woman who has had enough. The Bible says that she has a medical condition that cannot be healed. She has tried doctors and spent nearly all of her money, and still there is apparently no cure for her ailment. The Bible intimates that she is physically and emotionally tired because her internal issues are causing her external problems. But in spite of  her issues, she makes her way to Jesus, believing that he can make her whole.

Main Point of the Message:

Place all of your trust in Jesus Christ; the Lord can deliver you. He can help you. He can heal you; Jesus can make you whole.  (See Psalm 46:1).

Biblical Context:

In our text, a woman is in the crowd because she heard about a man named Jesus. She has heard about His Ministry (see Luke 4:18-19). She has heard about His Miracles (see Luke 7:11-17). Now, she wants to see the Man for herself in order to determine if what others have said about Jesus is true.

Jesus is returning to Galilee from healing a man who had another type of internal condition that was tormenting that man (Mark 5:7-8).  The demoniac in Mark 5:2-5 was suffering externally because what was troubling him on the inside.When Jesus arrives back on the shore, this woman presses her way past the crowd. She does three things that are critical for anyone who has had enough of their present condition and situation.

Key Questions:

What does she do?


Points of the Sermon:

1. She T__________________ to herself   (See Mark 5:27-28)

2. She reaches to T__________ His garment (See Mark 5:28)

3. She T________________ what she needs (See Mark 5:29-34)

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