Praise is What I Do

PSALM 63:4
"I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name will I lift up my hands."

disciple-making church is one where all of the members are given opportunities to be led to a closer relationship with the Lord through meaningful worship. Worship is too important to be taken lightly; that goes for children as well as for adults. If you are old enough to talk, you are old enough to worship the Lord.

"From the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same; your Name is worthy to be praised."

The Bible says that God created us to worship Him. Psalm 63 gives us some important characteristics of worship: first of all, it’s personal. The psalmist says, “I will…” It is not a matter of what I feel like or if it is convenient for me or not, I will praise you, Lord! Maybe that’s what we need more of in our churches. We need people who don’t mind raising their hands; who don’t mind getting on their feet. We need more people to tell the Lord how grateful they are to be His presence in a worship atmosphere. Some folk have to have the right praise team to worship the Lord. Others want to have the right preacher to stir them to praise God. But, that is not like you. You don’t mind telling the Lord He is worthy to be praised.

So, first of all it’s personal. Secondly, it is public. There are no silent disciples in the army of the Lord. The psalmist states that he is ready and willing to praise God as long as he lives. We live with other people. People watch us everyday. They want to see if what we profess on Sunday is lived out on Monday. I believe Jesus is still looking for authentic Christians – folks who don’t mind living out their faith, even in the midst of trials and testing in your life. Oftentimes, our most authentic witness of who God is can really be found in how we handle suffering. Can you still praise the Lord when your time of testing is at hand? The psalmist says, “I will praise the Lord, as long as I live; in good times and in the bad times, I will bless the Lord, O my soul.”

First, our praise ought to be personal. Secondly, our praise ought to be public. Lastly, our praise ought to be perpetual. You ought to praise Him when you rise in the morning. You ought to praise Him at noon day. Someone ought to praise Him when you lay down at night to thank Him for keeping you throughout the day. Don’t stop praising our Lord Jesus. He is worthy to be praised. Somebody ought to raise your hand…

About the Author
Brian Clater serves as Pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church, San Diego, CA. He and his wife, Dorothy, have been married for 39 years and they have two adult children. Brian enjoys reading, running and relaxing with his family.

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