Psalm 139

Christine  and Nick Caine

Christine and Nick Caine

Here is a video by Christine Caine taken from Psalm 139 that addresses one particular issue that affects people to day. What do you do when you discover news that challenges your presumptions and rocks your world? Christine talks about what she did when her world was rocked with unexpected news and how the love of God surpasses all of our understanding. She has an awesome testimony coupled with a strong biblical foundation that can help you find your sense of direction and purpose with God.

About Christine Caine

Christine is a lover of Jesus, wife to Nick, and mum to Catie and Sophie. She travels the globe teaching, and advocating for justice. The Hillsong Church bible teacher is a fearless crusader for Christ. You will be blessed by hearing her. She is an author of five times over, her most recent book is entitled, UNDAUNTED. She and her husband Nick have also founded The A21 Campaign, an anti-human trafficking organization that fights slavery around the globe. Christine has a heart for freeing captives, both physically and spiritually, but ultimately it comes back to her primary focus: building the Church.


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Brian Clater serves as Pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church, San Diego, CA. He and his wife, Dorothy, have been married for 39 years and they have two adult children. Brian enjoys reading, running and relaxing with his family.

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