Seven Keys Towards Living a Life Pleasing to God

A reflection by Maso Buggs, Jr, a disciple of Jesus Christ and a member of Mount Olive Baptist Church.

The LORD will always deliver His children in their time of need. God comes at the right time; He comes in the right way – we serve an on-time God. God is faithful to His promises. He is immutable. That is not like us. We can be wishy-washy. We can be unfaithful to our goals, to God and towards each other. But our God is not like us.

Even though I fail God in so many ways, he still allows me to come to Him for forgiveness, for comfort and for deliverance. I must admit, it is tough trying to live a godly life in an ungodly world. But, God promised that He would be with us and that we could call on Him when we need help. In my devotion time last week, I believe that there are seven principles that helps me live a Christian life that would honor God:

1. Put God first, in everything.

2. Love one another, even the ones that act unlovable.

3. Never hate, for God is a God of love.

4. Give generously.

5. Live simply.

6. Forgive quickly.

7. Be kind towards one another.

Keep practicing these principles and God will bless your life.


A reflection by Maso Buggs, Jr., disciple of Mount Olive Baptist Church.





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